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Only Fuel Based Speed Governor

Item Code: Fuel-Type(3GB-275)

T3GB Technology is a leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing of electronic speed governors in India. Years of development efforts and experience have gone in the design of 3GB electronic speed governor which is robust, easy to fit, durable, trouble-free and driver friendly. We are dealing in Electronic Speed Governor.

Electronically controlled device.

Tamper proof product.

Increase in fuel average.

Approved and certified by (ARAI).

Extensive service network.

3GBT Electronic Fuel Control Speed Governor:

Tamper proof product: Speed governor sealed by us thus insuring its temper proof, speed cannot be increased by any form of physical tempering.

100% quality check of each every 3GB manufactured Speed governor at our plant.

Components of 3GBT Electronic Fuel Control Speed Governor:

Electronic control unit (ECU).

Speed governor unit for continuous speed sensing.

Solenoid valve for fuel control.


The brain of the 3GBT electronic speed limiter is an electronics control unit, a highly robust electronic circuitry that receives speed signals ( pulses) from speed sensor and activates a solenoid to restrict fuel flow ( but does not completely stop fuel flow) to the engine when the speed limit is touched.

Power Consumption:

Operational current-0.78mA.

Maximum current:5.00mA.

Benefits of 3GBT Electronic fuel control speed governor:

Improve engine life.

Less braking and higher tire life increases driver comfort & vehicle control.

Cost of 3GBT speed governor is recovered in less than 3 months due to increased vehicle fuel efficiency.

Easy installation, 3GBT electronic speed governor is designed for a very easy and simple fitment and takes just a few minutes to install & program.

Driver & Environment Benefit:

The 3GBT electronic speed governor operates without effecting driving characteristics. It limits speed but leaves engine power intact. Besides improving road safety tremendously.

ARAI Pune Approved & Certified:

3GBT electronic fuel control speed governor is approved and certified by ARAI (Automobile Research Association of India, Pune) for fitment on almost the entire range of vehicles .